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Friday, May 18, 2012

MMC 540 - 21st Century Technologies Week 10 Blog Entry

Electronic group interactions are unique because individuals can alternate their communication style.  There’s no need to worry about public speaking or other distractions which can make some people nervous in a group or public setting.  Unfortunately, an important key to success is always the interactions in group dynamics.  Everything must now be tailored to fit an electronic version of this.  We were able to take advantage of and use the same tools and knowledge that we’re learning in this course to complete group assignments.  Web 2.0 covers a lot of digital and electronic advantages that we currently use to complete our required work.  We had to use the Internet, email, blogs, skype and group discussion boards in order to work together.  Additionally, Bellevue University also aided in this process with the update of their Blackboard Academic Suite.  These tools definitely made our use of interactive technologies a great environment and huge success.    

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