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Thursday, June 14, 2012

MMC 640 Ethics and Decision-Making Week 2 Blog Entry

As professionals and future leaders, we are often faced with difficult decisions to make.  Some of these decisions involve individuals in key positions while other involves just a few people.  The fallout is what can often determine if the decisions that were made were appropriate or not.  Ethics also plays an important part of how we do business.  

I think this course will enhance my knowledge about ethics and the decision-making process, while refining my current awareness of this area.  My interpretation of this course is to aid students in determining what to do in critical situations.  Anyone can make a decision but it’s important to remember that the results are what are important.  People will be people but you have to learn how to listen effectively while manipulating the desired results of your peers and those in leadership positions.

I hope to take advantage of learning from the different personalities and leadership traits from my classmates.  We all are from different backgrounds and hold a vast array of occupations.  We all will learn effectively if we are open and willing to provide honest feedback and think outside the box.  What makes this class unique is that there is more than one way to do things and that’s what enhances group dynamics, along with teamwork.  

This course will be as difficult as we want it to be.  The course material is designed to allow us to challenge each other while polishing our thought process.  Understanding the characteristics of professionals will aid all of us to think ahead and disseminate the appropriate decisions and responses to those in our personal lives and place of business.